Rental Information

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The Marietta Community House is available for rent by individuals and groups.  The rental rates for the Community House as follows:

Weekend Rental: (6:00 PM Friday to Noon Sunday):


This rate is non negotiable and there are no discounts available.

One Day Rental:  (A day is considered to be from 8:00 AM until Midnight):


This rate is non negotiable and there are no discounts available

Your rental includes the use of our tables, new cushioned wooden chairs, utensils and dishes.  All of these items must be washed and put away before the end of your rental period.

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Cleaning / Damage Deposit:

All rentals will require a $150.00 deposit.  This deposit is in addition to the rental amount and will be returned within 30 days if the property is left in its pre-rental condition.  Any additional cleaning or damage repairs will be deducted from the deposit.

Rental Rules and Policies

Heat & Air Conditioning: The Community House is equipped with Central Heat and Air Conditioning.  The thermostat will be programmed to bring the temperature of the building to a comfortable temperature 1 hour before your event begins and it will shut off at midnight on the evening of your rental.

Keys:  The Renter will be issued a key to either the Community House.  It is the responsibility of the Renter to return this key to the Community House within 24 hours after the rental period has ended.  Failure to return a key will result in a charge for changing the locks to the building.

Smoking:  Absolutely NO SMOKING will be allowed inside the Community House or the Gym.  Smoking is permitted outside the building but the Renter shall be responsible for the removal of all Cigarette butts.

Limited Access:  Unless prior arrangements have been made, rental of the Community House constitutes use of the FIRST FLOOR ONLY.  The second and third floors are OFF LIMITS.

Cleaning: In order to have your cleaning deposit refunded, you MUST leave the building just as you found it.  This includes washing and putting away dishes, Returning tables and chairs where they were when you arrived.  Leave no trace of your event and you will receive a full refund of your cleaning deposit.

Trash Removal:  Trash is to be put in plastic trash bags (these will be provided) and placed by the Gym on Apple Alley.

Candles:  The use of candles always increases the risk of fire.  Keeping this in mind, if you plan to use candles the following rules must apply:  Candles must sit on a non flammable surface (such as a tile or plate) and be placed stable base to prevent tipping.  A glass chimney should be placed around candles.

Use of Alcohol: The use of alcohol is not encouraged, however it is permitted.  The Renter shall be responsible for the behavior of their guests and shall accept full responsibility for any problems or liabilities that arise from the use of alcohol by any individual on Community House property.  All laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania governing the serving and use of Alcohol are to be strictly followed.

Excessive Noise: Please keep in mind that our Community House is in a residential neighborhood.  The Borough of Marietta has a noise ordinance which takes effect at 10:00 PM on weeknights and at Midnight on weekends.  Should the noise level of your event violate the noise ordinance, you may be fined by the Regional Police.

Damage to Building:  Any damage to Community House Property which may occur during your rental period, the repair of which exceeds the value of your cleaning deposit, will be billed to the Renter.

Parking:  There is limited parking being the Community House and there is parking available on Market Street in front of the building.  If the need for additional parking is anticipated, arrangements can be made in advance with your Community House Representative.

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General Rules

Do not use Fireplaces without prior written consent.

Do not attach anything to walls or woodwork that will cause any damage (Tacks, Nails, Tape that may remove paint, etc.)

Do not remove pictures from the walls without prior permission.

Be respectful of the contributions that others have made to provide our community with this facility.

Enjoy your event!

Complete your Renter’s Checklist and return it along with your key.